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The G.I. Diet is an international bestseller with more than 2 million copies sold in 23 countries in 17 languages.

The original best-selling G.I. Diet has been completely revised and updated with new red, yellow and green light food listings, along with new tips when eating out. There are additional chapters on how to change eating behaviors including emotional eating, and tips for staying motivated; all wrapped up in a wonderful lively new format.

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Being too busy to diet is no longer an excuse!

Rick Gallop’s phenomenally successful G.I. Diet series has proven to be the healthy way to permanent weight loss for millions of people worldwide. Now, Rick has taken his bestselling formula and adapted it for today’s hectic lifestyle.

Based on the simple traffic-light system for which foods you should and shouldn’t eat, Rick Gallop’s green-light Express G.I. Diet contains over 50 super-quick recipes as well as loads of time-saving cooking tips and shopping shortcuts to make this the perfect plan for anyone who doesn’t have the time to manage their weight.

  • Traffic-light system means no more counting grams or calories
  • 50 mouth-watering recipes that can be prepared in minutes
  • Time-saving tips and G.I. advice for busy people

Fast food has never been so good for you!

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"The G.I. Diet Greenlight Cookbook" with a hundred delicious recipes, many with mouthwatering full-colour photographs, is now available in stores or online.

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Living the G.I. Diet  

'Living the G.I.Diet' contains over 100 delicious recipes and provides tips for navigating the holidays, dining out, eating while on vacation and coping with food cravings along with an expanded food guide, meal plans and snack ideas.

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The G.I.Diet  Shopping and Eating Out Pocket Guide  

The G.I.Diet Shopping and Eating Out Pocket Guide contains the latest complete list of green and yellow light foods to assist you while shopping. It also contains a guide to eating out including the most popular international cuisine such as Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian. There is also a section on fast food . All this in a compact format that easily fit into your pocket,purse or bag.

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The Family GI Diet has been written in response to the thousands of readers who have emailed us about family issues and the role of The G.I. Diet. It is written mainly through women's eyes in terms of their own health and hormonal issues including pregnancy, nursing and menopause. It also deals from a women's perspective with their traditional role, rightly or wrongly, as gatekeepers for health and nutrition for the family.

I have co-authored the book with my wife, Dr Ruth Gallop. Ruth, who originally hails from the UK, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto with a particular interest in women's emotional health and well-being. For many women a sense of well-being is closely linked to weight and self image.

The G.I. Diet is an ideal way for the whole family to eat. In the book we cover finicky tots, junk food obsessed teens, reluctant spouses/partners and ageing parents. So if you're tired of being a short-order cook accommodating everyone's different needs and would like a female perspective, then this is the book for you. End of commercial!

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