Questions and Answers

From the thousands of e-mails I've received I have selected some of the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.’s). Though we are not able to answer your questions individually, we will still review them and those that are most frequently asked will be incorporated into this Questions and Answers section. We will also be answering selected reader's questions in our free newsletter. To subscribe simply enter your email address in the subscription panel to the right.

  1. How is The G.I. Diet different from The Atkins Diet? Can I Switch from Atkins to The G.I. Diet without gaining weight?
  2. Is this a good diet for people with diabetes?
  3. Is The G.I. Diet suitable for children?
  4. I seem to have hit a plateau. What should I do?
  5. I am gluten intolerant. Can I still use The G.I. Diet?
  6. How is The G.I. Diet different from every other diet out there?
  7. When can I expect to see results on the GI Diet?
  8. How is the GI Diet different from the South Beach diet?
  9. Can I really eat as much of the green-light foods as I want?
  10. Is there any flexibility in this diet?
  11. Is "light" peanut butter acceptable?
  12. Is the GI diet just for people who want to lose weight?
  13. I can't find any sugar free yoghurt.
  14. What meat / poultry substitutes do you recommend?
  15. Are soy milk or rice milk acceptable alternatives to cow’s milk?
  16. Why do some GI Diet recipes use red/yellow light foods?
  17. Can I use the GI Diet if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?