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What the Professionals are Saying about The G.I. Diet

Finally, the glycemic index is being recognized as a key component for permanent weight loss and the treatment of chronic disease. Rick Gallop's book is an excellent introduction to this major area of nutrition.

Dr. Barry Sears
Author of The Zone

Losing weight is relatively easy with many "fad" diets; maintaining the loss with these diets is difficult and largely impossible to sustain. Rick Gallop has found the key to permanent weight loss

Edmund H. Sonnenblick, M.D.
Edmond J. Safra Professor of Medicine and 
Former Chief of Cardiology At the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City.

This diet is definitely the one that can help readers not only control weight but also help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Elisabetta Politi, Nutrition Manager, Duke University Diet and Fitness Center

The G.I. Diet is an innovative, realistic, uncomplicated long term approach to successful weight presents the reader with a simple guide to food choices, both at home and away, with easy-to-remember images, practical tips, tasty recipes and strategies for feedback and self-monitoring.

Michael J. Sole, MD, FRCP(C), FACC, FAHA; 
Professor of Medicine and Physiology and 
Former Chief of Cardiology at the University Health Network, University of Toronto, Canada

For the management of Diabetes, the most effective amongst the current crop of diets is the glycemic index (G.I. ) diet...The G.I. approach postulated by Gallop is particularly good because it's easy to understand and apply to everyday life.

Dr. Medeve in Diabetes Dialogue (Canadian Diabetes Association)

Excellent...This book is timely, of tremendous relevance, easy to read, practical and explodes several myths. Rick has brilliantly set out what needs to be done. Now if we can only motivate people to do it!

Dr. Sudi Devanesen, CM, MD, CCFP, MCISc, FCFPC.

Most diet books are too wordy, their plans too complicated and their quick-fix promises filled with false hope. Rick Gallop's G.I. Diet is based on solid science but is easy to access. If you can understand a stoplight, you can lose weight on this amazing diet--eating your favourite green-light foods all the way.

Marilyn Linton,
Toronto Sun health columnist

I'm a binge eater, chocoholic, sit at my desk day and night, can't be bothered to weigh foods or count calories, but help, am I vain! Rick Gallop has been my diet coach for years, and now it's all here in a book that's easy, intelligent and comes with exercises and nifty removable coloured charts showing Evil, OK and Healthy Foods. That chart will be taped to my forearm in restaurants--and on the fridge. This is my diet book forever.

Barbara Amiel Black, columnist for Chicago Sun Times and London Daily Telegraph

Not so much a diet, more a way of eating...a completely new approach to weight loss

Newcastle Journal

Sound nutritional advice...the GI Diet encourages a full and balanced diet that is as effective in promoting good health as weight loss

Yorkshire Evening Press

Finally an intelligent look at the evolution of our eating patterns...this book will inspire you to look slimmer and feel healthier in a few short months

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